Empowering women through regenerative fashion and resilient community development

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“The training has been very helpful and has improved my skills. For example, the embroidery class was something new that I had never done before. I believe that I can continue to grow my skills through these classes. I enjoyed learning the different stitches of embroidery and feel very proud of my own hands now that I have finished this work. I am looking forward to the literacy classes.” - Esther Musiime 

Seeds and Stories works with a group of 10 talented artisans from the community of Bigodi, Uganda. These women feel empowered to learn and share new skills, develop their own products, and be a part of a project that has the potential to improve their community. 

Meet our artisans

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We are starting our journey as a pilot project in Bigodi, a rural village in Kamwenge District, Western Uganda. Bigodi borders the Kibale National Park, which has one of the highest density areas of primate life in the world. Seeds & Stories is motivated by economic, social, and environmental issues that currently exist in Bigodi namely poverty, unsustainable livelihoods and environmental degradation.

Our impact

Our training sessions are designed to provide participants with new skills and result in more income earning opportunities. As a result local Ugandan women are able to experience higher rates of financial independence, freedom to make choices, and a strong sense of self-worth.

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Seeds & Stories only uses organic and responsibly harvested natural local fibres, including palm leaf, millet straws, papyrus, raffia, colona maranta, banana fibre and barkcloth. Likewise, our artisans naturally dye our materials with a combination of food waste, plants, leaves, seeds, roots, barks and clay.

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"Seeds & Stories has been a key resource in our regenerative project and has contributed tremendously to our mothers, wives, sisters and friends with hands on training in craft making. 

I believe one who gives you knowledge gives you wealth, and that is the contribution this heart full organisation has gifted to our community." - Ainebyona Peter, Regenerative Agriculture Field Officer 

Regenerative fashion

Seeds & Stories strives to create products that leave the world in a better place than when we started. We create unique, stylish, and timeless fashion items for women that want to make a difference. By shopping with us you can help reduce poverty and regenerate the natural environment in rural Uganda.

Regenerative fashion is important to us. We pledge to only use local raw materials that have regenerative properties in local ecosystems, namely increasing soil fertility, enhancing biodiversity and increasing the rate of carbon sequestration from the atmosphere into the soil contributing, in this way, to climate change mitigation.

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