By sponsoring an artisan, you will provide one of the women in our program with increased support to achieve her goals.

$200 will for pay one year literacy classes for one woman.

$100 will pay for permaculture training for one woman.

$100 will allow a woman to enhance their vocational skills. 

"I would love to take literacy classes so that I can communicate with other people in English, express myself fully, and tell them about our accomplishments as a group through Seeds and Stories." - Grace Banura

“I would like more training to acquire and improve my skills in embroidery. That way I will be able to teach other women what I’ve learnt in the community.” - Jane Byona

Seeds & Stories recognizes the importance of skill sharing and partnership as a central ethos of our organization. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with passionate volunteers that possess relevant experience and knowledge. If you love our project, and feel that you would be able to contribute in some way, please feel free to reach out through our contact page. 

In the meantime we are designing some exciting volunteer programmes and internships, so please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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