Vocational Training


Seeds and Stories provides vocational training programs to local women in the Bigodi community. We develop our training curriculum in consultation with local women, focusing on subjects that the women would like to learn and teach. 

Our training sessions are designed to provide participants with new skills and result in more income earning opportunities. As a result local women are able to experience higher rates of financial independence, freedom to make choices, and a strong sense of self-worth.

Our first training sessions covered an introduction to zero waste production, embroidery, reusable pad making, natural dyeing, eco-printing,  natural beauty products, paper making and shoe making. We focused on encouraging the women to express their creativity. 

As a result, our training sessions have already demonstrated a positive personal and professional impact. The women have reported a greater sense of joy, confidence, and fulfilment. Vocational training offers a unique space where local women have the opportunity to showcase their talent and craftsmanship, resulting in a deeper sense of pride.

Our goal is to offer regular training sessions with local and national experts in the fields of sustainability, conservation, circular fashion, women’s empowerment. Local women have also had the opportunity to travel and attend specialized training in Kampala and Fort Portal. Some of our training partners include the organisations TEXFAD, KAFRED, and BOFTA. All training programs promote skill sharing and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Here's what they say:

"It makes me feel very good. I think it is great all the experience that I am getting from the training." - Stella Mbabazi 

“It makes me excited and I can lift my head high.” -Janerose Kanyunyuzi 

Permaculture Education


Farming in Bigodi is failing to provide sufficient nutrition to the community and a decent livelihood to farmers, particularly women. For this reason, there is a need to grow resilient and equitable food systems that respond to their needs, respect the integrity of nature and care for future generations.

In conjunction with our organizational partner KAFRED and Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe (Rwamwanja Rural Foundation), Seeds and Stories is offering permaculture training to all members of the Bigodi community that wish to attend. The training will enable farmers in Bigodi to produce and feed their families with nutritious food and improve their health, while reducing women's workload, increasing their income, and enhancing their livelihoods. Permaculture has been proven to enrich soil, conserve water, increase biodiversity, help fight the climate crisis and regenerate the ecosystem.

To further promote permaculture in Bigodi and to have a bigger social and environmental impact, Seeds & Stories will design and implement a permaculture farm that will act as a live demonstration site. You can read more about our regenerative journey here.

Literacy Classes


We asked our group of women what other classes they would find beneficial to attend for their personal and professional growth: the answer was literacy classes. Due to systemic educational inequality many of the women that work with Seeds and Stories are unable to read and write in Uganda’s official language. Learning English can enable local women to access better economic opportunities, socialise with people outside their community, and better protect them against exploitation when selling and buying products.

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